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Medical Tube Series

*Suction Catheter

*Nelaton Catheter

*Rectal Tube

*Stomach&Intestines Tube


1. Soft,transparent and kink resistant PVC tubing

2. Catheters are manufactured from non-toxic, non-irritant, soft PVC compatible with Catheter lubricants

3. Available with the option of Radio opaque line throughout the length for X-ray visualisation

4. Atraumatic, soft, rounded, closed tip with two lateral eyes for efficient drainage

5. Colour coded plain connector for easy identification of size

6. For short term bladder catheterisation through urethra in males

7. DEHP free Tube and frost surface tue is available

Specification Connector colour

FR6 light green

FR8 Sky blue

FR10 Black

FR12 white

FR14 green

FR16 orange

FR18 red

FR20 yellow

FR22 dark blue

FR24 light purple